About Us

EMY ARMOR is a high-end accessory brand dedicated to making handmade statement pieces while creating a new fashion language. We are a STYLE INCLUSIVE brand that is taking accessories to new heights one ARMOR at a time!
Each design is called an ARMOR because it is the way in which we view our pieces. It is the last item someone wears to complete their look before they walk out into the world, and it is the first thing that is noticed. 
Our brand mentality revolves around -and promotes- the importance of SELF EXPRESSION through fashion.
We believe that fashion and style is an extension of one’s self and a powerful platform for expression. Every ARMOR is created to accentuate different parts of the body; and therefore creates different ornamental effects on the clothes it accessorizes.
Our brand is a tool for SELF EXPRESSION that can be used to elevate an individual’s already existing style. Wether dressed up or dressed down EMY ARMOR pushes the envelope for individuality and encourages uniqueness. 
So don't just wear jewelry... wear ARMOR... EMY ARMOR